Beyond the Screen: Duality Phase III (Acceptance)

Beyond the Screen: Duality Phase III (Acceptance)

It’s been a few months since our latest project Duality Phase III came out. What ends up as an authentic project often has a much different story if we take a step back behind the scenes. We want to share a peek into our creative process by revealing what it really takes us to achieve what we expect. From putting the idea together, compromise with each other’s egos to unify the mind. Finally, we were able to do the shoot in the right place at Lembang.

Everyone involved did good cooperation. We called it a human connection. Can you imagine if every single person embraces their totality? Where models have to repeatedly dip into water for the needs of photo and video. Until her eyes turned red from the too much water ingested, we were amazed. We have three to five sets in doing this project, and each set has a different look. How the make-up and stylish teams change every look at every take was incredible. Also, lighting that is customized and fits perfectly into everything.

From day to night, everything goes smoothly until we realize we need a car for the property. Thankfully the Hijack team always knows how to face unexpecting problems like this. Yes, we are all very happy with the result. It’s happened because we have an amazing team back here. Thank you, everyone, for being real and let us experience it right along with you.

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